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Our team has developed an impressive system for scientifically testing sports padding in venues and mapping the results allowing owners and managers to have a accurate picture depicting their sports padding, helping them predict when part or total replacement may be necessary to remain within specification and keep their customers and clients safe.

As research and therefore knowledge about concussion and head injury grows, we must also increase our knowledge about ways to prevent such injuries. Rae-Line is doing just that.

Rae-Line uses science to select the best foams for the application, foam options are tested for CFH (Critical Fall Height / gMax) and HIC (Head Impact Criteria). Rae-Line sports padding, is fit for purpose.

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Don’t take the risk when it comes to creating a safe and fun play environment.

To learn more about our systems and processes please visit or ‘design process’ and ‘manufacturing process’ page.

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Padding Solution Testing Service

Rae-Lines 70 + staff includes industrial designers who are trained in impact attenuation surface measurement, allowing for experimentation and development.

Impact Attenuation Surface Measurement

The process begins with a consultation about the area that requires testing. The technician will seek information on the type of venue or centre, the number of areas and the type of padding solution.

A quote will then be constructed and submitted with a full explanation of the testing that would be required to allow for an informative report.

Once the testing process is complete, a full report with all data and a map identifying the results and recommendations is provided.




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