The Right Moves!

Enact Health on board at Rae-Line

The right moves are helping Rae-Line stay in shape for the challenges ahead.

Movement Efficiency & Injury Prevention Program (meIP)

Adam Douglas from Enact Health has been working with the staff and management team at Rae-Line since late last year on providing all staff with education and training on improving their movements and preventing injuries in the workplace. The meIP program has been well received within the business.

Reviews were implemented across each of the 5 department areas within Rae-Line; Upholstery, Sew, Cut, Materials / Factory Hands and Office / Admin / Product Development.

Program Phases.

  • Present key education sessions to Rae-lines’ staff to promote health awareness and how to best prepare and perform at work.
  • Observe, assess and review the various job tasks and roles performed by Rae-lines’ staff.
  • Design and implement specific injury prevention exercises which assist staff to complete their jobs safely and more efficiently whilst at work.
  • Explore ways in which Enact Health can reduce the risk of workplace injuries and absenteeism and create a more energised and engaged team.

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