Cutting needs to be accurate – “millimetre perfect”, as they say. Michael will walk us through some of the methods we use to ensure accuracy.

Near enough is certainly not good enough in the cutting phase, and that’s why we use automated CNC cutting machines throughout the manufacturing process. Having completed a thorough design and scoping of the project, all of the measurements that we use have been optimised to reduce any chance of human error.

Using the digital CAD drawings from the design process, we feed that into our cutting machines to produce a precise cut. Various sewing machines, from single needle to twin needle, are used to stitch material together in preparation for the Assembly phase.

A key thing we’re looking to avoid is loose or misshapen covers that lead to excess wear. The automated machines ensure a millimetre perfect result and also allows us to reproduce a component in the future that will be the exact specifications of the original piece. Using high quality stitches in the process is key to avoiding breakages and ensuring a longer product life.

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