Gymnastics facilities are one of the highest users of premium padding products. Our business development manager Chris will now explain how we produce high performance results for these facilities.

We produce high quality and safe training environments for gymnastics facilities across the world. Our padding is designed and manufactured right here in Australia, and we’ve taken a science-driven approach to ensure that all the materials stand up to the rigours required for athletes in training.

We work with our clients to gather design input about materials and sporting specification requirements to ensure the product will be fit for purpose. We then feed that information to our local design team that ensures an efficient way forward into production and assembly.

The real value in the scoping and design process comes through reducing production and installation errors, superior installations that assemble and align correctly, and cost savings by prescribing the correct materials for the project.

This is particularly important for high performance sporting applications, and being a local designer and manufacturer ensures the quality of our products are always consistent. It also creates lead-times that are efficient and quality control processes that you can rely on.

If there’s more you’d like to know, don’t hesitate to reach out to us, by calling us or visiting our website.

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