Dividing Walls – safety and space utilisation

Rae-Line’s play and training space ‘Diving Walls’ unlock two great advantages. Safety and Space utilisation.

Safety – Controlling where your students and customers can and can’t move can reduce the chance of collision greatly. The mixture of very focused training (e.g. volt runs) and young children not watching where they are going increases the chances of a collision significantly. The use of these light and sturdy dividing walls ensures that everyone is safe in their own space and can focus fully on their activities.

Space utilisation – The ability to have different activities close together, yet physically separated allows multiple activities to be in closer proximity. For some venues this is sure to unlock useful space and even allow for extra classes to be run!

“Great location for club branding, they really make the venue look great” – add your logo to some of the wall panels.

“These dividing walls and doors are the perfect tool for dividing the gymnastics floor into sections. Velcro flaps on the bottom enables the walls to be removable and easily assembled”.

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