Bouldering Sports Padding

Bouldering is all about trial and error. Like a game of chess, with competitors studying the problem in front of them. Then applying an amazing level of skill to solve it utilising incredible strength, flexibility, and endurance. The impossible structures often lead to falls from all sorts of heights and angles. This all unfolds everyday in many centres around the country. With climbers of varied skill level, the need to ensure participant safety is paramount. This leads to the need for quality sports padding solutions.

Rae-Line have produced many such padding solutions for centres all over Australia and across the world. Rae-Line can design, manufacture and install the right solution.

Don’t take the risk when it comes to creating a safe and fun bouldering environment.

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Sports and Safety Padding for Bouldering

The Rae-Line design team comprising industrial designers and trained upholsters, use science to select the right foams for the job, foam options are tested for CFH (Critical Fall Height / gMax) and HIC (Head Impact Criteria). Rae-Line sports padding is fit for purpose.

Bouldering Mats

Specifically designed for the greater fall heights that occur in bouldering and free climbing areas. The padding is built to your specification or in accordance with the appropriate Australian or International specification.

Utilising high quality and carefully selected open cell foams and Rae-Lines specially made EVA foams at thicknesses and densities to comply with CFH (Critical Fall Height) and HIC (Head Impact Criteria).

The matting can be finished in carpet or vinyl. All produced with quality fabrics, genuine Velcro and military tough YKK zippers.

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