Commercial Re-Upholstery

The ability to extend the life of an asset can be a great option for many project ranging from vehicles; trucks, buses, trains, trams, golf carts etc.
Rebranding can also result in the need to change corporate colours throughout a business or accommodation facility.
Rae-Lines team has conducted many projects involving item collection, disassembly, repair, re-framing, re-foaming, and re-upholstery.
Our skill team and superior systems have allowed not only rejuvenation of many items, however, also improved them from their original form.

To learn more about Rae-Line’s systems and processes please visit the ‘design process’ and ‘manufacturing process’ page.

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Commercial Re-Upholstery Services

It is the desire of the Rae-Line team to inspire the ‘Wow’ in all of its upholstery work. It take years to fully develop a feel, an attachment to the materials, allowing the craftsman to apply the right tensions to the fabric and select the best foams and components to achieve that perfect look.

Commercial Re-Upholstery Services in Melbourne & Brisbane

The commercial re-upholstery project process begins with a meeting with our sales team or a product development specialist to gather information and understand the project specifications. Where no drawings, sample or specifications are available a site / customer visit will be conducted to gather the information required to do an estimate or quote.

A VPP (Visual Project Plan) will then be created so both parties are clear on what is required, and the works that are included in the re-upholstery job. Once approved the project is then set up in the Rae-Line system for tracking and production hand over.

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