Attracting a New Market to Your Gymnastics Facility

Ninja Starter Kits by Rae-Line

Our team have recently had a few exciting conversations with venue owners that have managed to add ninja to their program and drawn in a new customer group. Great to hear that the changes have brought in new customers not stolen participants from other programs they were already running.

The Rae-Line team have created kits that can be used to quickly bring Ninja into your facility. The ‘Starter kit’ for the little ones and the ‘Master kit’ for the older and more advanced.

The new programs while attractive to both girls and boys has had a significant impact on bringing in the boys. With boys exiting gymnastics earlier than girls this may assist in keeping that market engaged for longer.

Give our team a call today if we can assist you with your Ninja needs or any other Gymnastics sports padding and soft coached aids. Delivery Australia wide. 03 9728 8300

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