Length of Service Awards – 5, 15 & 20

Length of Service Awards

Recently Rae-Line gathered together to hand out some service awards for four of our employees.

Both Pushpa Lalji and Laura Dean recently clocked up 5 years of service at Rae-Line.

Pushpa is part of our sewing team and Laura started as a sewer, become leading hand in that area before taking 12 months off for maternity leave. On her return, Laura has worked in a Manufacturing Admin role where she is responsible for producing all of the cutting markers for the cutting team.

Rob Moody who was presented with an award recognising his 15 years service at Rae-Line. Rob started as the delivery driver back in 2004 and then moved in to the Materials Coordinator role in 2008. While still in that role today, the role itself has changed greatly as Rae-Line has grown and Rob has grown with it. Rob plays a key part in Rae-Line’s desire to deliver on time, every time by ensuring the Production Team has all the materials they require to ensure we meet our customers sometimes challenging demands.

The final award presented today went to Michael Vorhauer. Michael started at Rae-Line in 1998 and this year clocked up 20 years of service after having nearly 12 months away from Rae-Line in 2017. Michael has performed multiple roles during his time at Rae-Line. He started in 1998 as an Upholsterer before moving in to the truck driving role. He then moved in to a Material Coordinator role before moving in to his current role as a Product Development Coordinator. Michael works closely with our major customer Kenworth Trucks and with over 20 years’ experience at Rae-Line, he has a wealth of knowledge that certainly benefits both Rae-Line and Kenworth.

Rae-Line would like to congratulate all 4 employees and thank them for the hard work and dedication that has certainly contributed to our success over the years.


Flipping to help our valued customers

Flipping to help our valued customers

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