Cutting needs to be accurate – “millimetre perfect”, as they say. Michael will walk us through some of the methods we use to ensure accuracy.

Near enough is certainly not good enough in the cutting phase, and that’s why we use automated CNC cutting machines throughout the manufacturing process. Having completed a thorough design and scoping of the project, all of the measurements that we use have been optimised to reduce any chance of human error.

Using the digital CAD drawings from the design process, we feed that into our cutting machines to produce a precise cut. Various sewing machines, from single needle to twin needle, are used to stitch material together in preparation for the Assembly phase.

A key thing we’re looking to avoid is loose or misshapen covers that lead to excess wear. The automated machines ensure a millimetre perfect result and also allows us to reproduce a component in the future that will be the exact specifications of the original piece. Using high quality stitches in the process is key to avoiding breakages and ensuring a longer product life.

If there’s more you’d like to know, don’t hesitate to get in touch. Give us a call, or visit our website.


Interlocking Floor Mats


Design and scoping is all about project preparation and saving money. Our design specialist, Hawk, is going to explain the process for you.

When designing and scoping any project we always try to review any detailed architectural drawings of the space – if they’re available. We also gather additional information during a meeting with the client.

Depending on the scale of the job, we may need to look at making a site visit to taking measurements digitally by using a 3D scanner. From there, we use Complex Manufacturing Control Systems that produce barcoded components for efficient process control and accuracy.

If required, we can also undertaken scientific testing to ensure that the fabric and foam combination will be the best outcome for the intended use. Once this is complete, then the project is ready for client sign off and entry into the Cutting phase.

The real value in the scoping and design process comes through reducing production and installation errors, superior installations that assemble and align correctly, and cost savings by prescribing the correct materials for the project.

If there’s more that you’d like to know, don’t hesitate to get in touch. Give us a call, or visit our website.

New Introduction to Rae-Line Video Series

What does Rae-Line do?

How best can we share a little more about our People processes and systems? Video… Great idea! Either jump on our news page or follow this link to the play list. It contains the first 4 parts of our introduction to Rae-Line series. In this series we cover the types of activity the team go through to Design, Cut & Sew, Assemble and Install our commercial upholstery and sports and safety padding solutions. Please reach out to us if you have any questions, we love to have potential customer visit us too. Call today 03 9728 8300

New Delivery Truck

Interlocking Floor Mats Australia

The team is looking very sharp on the road with our shiny new delivery truck.

Keep your eyes open for your next load of custom sports padding or commercial upholstery from team Rae-Line.

Thanks to Hallam Trucks and Paccar Australia for the awesome deal.

The Right Moves!

The right moves are helping Rae-Line stay in shape for the challenges ahead.

Movement Efficiency & Injury Prevention Program (meIP)

Adam Douglas from Enact Health has been working with the staff and management team at Rae-Line since late last year on providing all staff with education and training on improving their movements and preventing injuries in the workplace. The meIP program has been well received within the business.

Reviews were implemented across each of the 5 department areas within Rae-Line; Upholstery, Sew, Cut, Materials / Factory Hands and Office / Admin / Product Development.

Program Phases.

  • Present key education sessions to Rae-lines’ staff to promote health awareness and how to best prepare and perform at work.
  • Observe, assess and review the various job tasks and roles performed by Rae-lines’ staff.
  • Design and implement specific injury prevention exercises which assist staff to complete their jobs safely and more efficiently whilst at work.
  • Explore ways in which Enact Health can reduce the risk of workplace injuries and absenteeism and create a more energised and engaged team.

New Foam Cutting Capability

No awaiting for the supply chain to provide special shapes and profiles. The Rae-Line team now have the capability and equipment required to get the task done as needed, in-house. Contact the team to learn more about how they can make getting your sports padding needs fulfilled easy!

Doha is Go!

Sports Safety Padding

The Rae-Line ‘Jet-Stars’ have been out and about. Getting dizzy keeping up with their movements! Hot and sweaty was how they described the install. However, it all went very well and they left with another happy customer. The team regularly works with projects that are as big as 4 40 foot containers, however, they are just as happy to work on projects that may only have one or two parts. So jump on the phone and talk to our team about foam! and everything else to do with commercial upholstery and sports padding.

A New Look for Rae-Line


A new look for Rae-Line as they expand into new products and markets. The Rae-Line team has been evolving over the past 5 years with multiple training courses and the introduction of many new team members. The core skills and systems that have been developing over decades and resulting in award winning performance have been further developed and turned to the sports and safety padding market. With over 30 trampoline centers designed, manufactured and installed all over the world, the journey is certainly well under way. There is also a growing number of customers in the gymnastics market and all sorts of other activity and action sports and venues.  Please make contact if you think the Rae-Line team can be of assistance.